The Project

The mural project was a multi-year collaborative effort which included both a youth employment and revitalization strategy. Initial core funding came from Human Resources Development Canada as part of a job creation program.


Over 54 youth were hired and gained valuable life skills and real wor
k experience. Many of these youth have gone on to rewarding careers. Two of the youth, Steven Skolka and Tyler Toews have created their own company called Canadian Murals. They were recently contracted to paint Vernons only winter mural celebrating the history and success of the Sovereign Lake Nordic Club.  

  The mural project created pride in our heritage and was a catalyst for revitalization of the heritage character of Vernons downtown business center. The City of Vernon and downtown merchants contributed approximately 1 million dollars each to restore the streets and landscape of the downtown core. 

 The Vernon Mural Project was made possible thanks to The Government of Canada and the City of Vernon along with the support of the community and the businesses of Downtown Vernon.

 Special Acknowledgment goes to: Michelle Loughery, lead artist on most of the murals.